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I know that INE is rather popular when it comes to CCIE workbooks and bootcamps, but how do they CCNP ones fair? I used and absolutely loved Chris Bryant's CCNA Trainsignal series and I was wondering how INE compared/stood for CCNP training? I'll still be reading a book along with it so it's not as if it'll be my only reliance. Thanks in advanced. ^.^


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    All INE material is good for any level of certification and I would highly recommend it. Also IPexpert and Narbik material is highly recommended.
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    I am a big fan of INE, but Chris Bryant is also very good. I used his material during my CCNP studies.

    I would not recommend CBT Nuggets though as I feel there is not enough depth in the material.
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    Work has a streaming subscription to CBTNuggets so I used that at first for my CCNA and noticed a lot of material was left out although some topics such as subnetting I picked it up fairly quick because of the method Jeremy used.

    I noticed INE had a free streaming pass for one month prior to my CCNA test and the amount of information provided by Brian was great and nailed all the exam topics although. I bought the CCNP package two days ago and I have been pleased so far.
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    I felt falling asleep when I used CBryant's material along time ago, in the other hand Jeremy is juiced up lol.
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    Brian McGahan is top notch. Chris Bryant is great too. Cheaper even. Jeremy, yeah, he's on crack. Love the guy though.
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    Yeah, I just...can't stand Jeremy. He's hyper and enthused about teaching you, but he's just annoying with the stories and not teaching enough. Chris Bryant was perfect with the CCNA and I haven't really had a chance to watch much of Brian. Does he still do a good job at helping you naturally learn to troubleshoot like Chris kind of does?
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    +1 for INE and Brian Mcgahan, I purchased all the INE CCNA, CCNP and CCIE vids in a bundle package. The CCNP vids are crammed full on info which is great and he uses plenty of diagrams with whiteboard and then runs through it on the CLI. When something needs to be pointed out that can cause issues he does, such as why isnt etherchannel working etc.

    I did watch chris bryants vids for ccna and perhaps the main difference i found was chris lays out the info more as if when he configures something he specifically says watch out for it on the exam and its no secret its going to be on the exam because its something so obvious it will be. Where as INE CCNP vids doesnt mention the exam much, they just run through all the material in a fair bit of detail focusing on what you need to know without explicitly stating the exam. Chris also has a funny sense of humour IMO lol and I enjoy listening to him
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    I am thinking about the INE videos for CCNP also. Mainly because of cost. CBTNuggets are expensive, the INE videos are like $299. I have the cisco press books also. Really wasn't sure I wanted to go CCNP BUT my CCNA is getting me tons of grunt network work. I think getting my CCNP will help move me into more config work and background stuff. After CCNP I think I'll go back to the voice track. Sorry for the hijack lol
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    If you're worried about price, Chris Bryant's videos are cheaper of you get the CCNP bundle or the same price if you get them one at a time(ROUTE, SWITCH, TSHOOT). I do like Chris' humor and personality a lot. Being 17 without a job, it's really kinda unrealistic for me to get either series. ;\
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    I haven't had a chance to dig into the INE videos yet but have them ready to go when I am finished with CBT nuggets. I can agree that the CBT nuggets can be very general at times but in a way I kind of like it because it makes me do more research on the subjects to follow along better. I guess I wil lgive my INE opinion when I have one :) I have heard great things though!
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