Mysterious Commercials coming from Computer

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This one is totally new to me.

Get a couple from one of my remote offices up near Duluth, MN where all the flooding has been taking place. Anyway, user claims they hear voices from the computer on start up. I chuckle a bit, then log in. I see nothing out of the ordinary. It suddenly stops when I call him back. About an hour later, he calls again, and brings the laptop outside so I can hear it. Yep, commercials for Bing, Lowes Home Improvement, and some guy talking about a new potato pancake recipe. So at this point, Im laughing almost to tears.

I log back in, no weird processes running, no unknown applications, scans with Norton and Malewarebytes come up clean. This only happens after a reboot, and he says he has heard a few of these commercials repeatedly, and has also heard some jazz sounding music. I know its Friday, but come on, there has to be something I am missing here. Someone help me out.


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    Well if it happens at login for him, but not for you then its profile related most likely.
    Check his Start menu in Startup and If nothing there reboot login and rename his profile. Should fix the issue. I had a similar problem once. It was a rogue Iexplore session that didn't show on the Start Bar.
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    ive had that issue on youtube
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    I once worked near a radio station and could often hear the station via my workstation's speakers...

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    RLC circuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Yeah I with Rob on this one....
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    Anyone record their own or change the associated sound file at logon (or some other event at start-up)?
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    We used to have a ladies voice speak when we would log off reminding you to take your CAC. We would change it on peoples computers to various annoying songs like the care bear countdown.
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    This thread is LEGIT I've been getting similar calls from a few people but then I found extra instances of Internet Explorer open. LIttterly they were tiny, tiny windows nothing more. I ran malware bytes and cleaned 'em up haven't heard from them since. I didn't pay too much attention to what they were if anything (maybe just popups) just wanted to reply saying this is a legit thing.
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    yes, this is IE related. I am pretty sure it is a malicious ad but haven't had the need to track it down. Close IE and it goes away.

    I would say stop using IE, but my work requires IE and you can't use any other browser.

    I have seen it on multiple sites so it is most likely a hacked ad from a single ad company and not associated with a particular site.

    Now that I think of it, I don't think I have seen it since I upgraded everyone to IE8. Might check to see if IE7 is installed and upgrade if possible. Could also try to install an adblocker program if allowed.
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    The potato thing? I've heard it many times. Kind of puzzled me too, until I was able to get rid of it.
    Check his system for viruses and rootkits. I suggest using ComboFix and TDSSKiller.

    By the way, it opens in an invisible IE window.
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