Security Controls for Router Console Access

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Which of the following security controls are MOST effective when a router only supports local configuration changes via serial console? (Select TWO).
A. Biometric door locks
B. Two-factor authentication
C. IP cameras
D. Strong passwords
E. One-time passwords

The answer is A and C. I understand A. However, wouldn't D be better than C. Wouldn't you want router access via the a serial console cable to be password protected. Or, is there no way to password protect a router's console port? (I don't have a lot of background with enterprise-level routers)
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  • paulgswansonpaulgswanson Member Posts: 311
    IP Cameras would be a physical security measure where as strong passwords would be a software security measure.

    I think they way they worded it was odd. From what I see, I belive the keyword in the question would be local (Implies physical access)
    Passwords them selves are always present so long as its set (so i think that ones a given). I personally never set a port password nor do I know if thats even an option.

    Also this would be 2 factor Identify verification. A) Biometric - something you are and B) Photo verification

    Personally I'd have gotten this one wrong just cause of the wording.
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