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Trying to setup my meet me bridge on CUCM 8.6. I have the DN assigned, but when i pickup the phone, hit meet me and dial the number it never picks up, its just silent. If i pickup another phone and do the same thing with the other one just silent i get a busy signal.

I am just using the cucm conference bridge media resources and have the MGRL applied to the phones. I have nothing configured on my cisco router for DSP farms or anything. Ideas?


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    you have cisco voice media app running?
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    that service is activated and currently running, do i need to do anything else?
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    Check partitions
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    I hate to bump up an old thread but I just wanted to share the info.

    If all your services and partitions look good then it just sounds like it is working correctly.

    I think you are just using it wrong. I did the same thing when I tried to connect to the MeetMe from a 2nd phone. If the 1st phone establishes the MeetMe then all the other phones that wants to join just has to dial the meetme extention. If you hit meetme and dial the meetme number and get a busy tone from the 2nd phone, it is trying to create the conference bridge off the same number from the 1st phone.

    Meet-Me Directions
    1st Phone - Off Hook/New Call, More, MeetMe, Dial Assigned MeetMe Number (ex. 2501)

    2nd Phone - Off Hook/New Call, Dial MeetMe Number (ex. 2501). Phone should join the conference.

    Additional Phones - Can just dial the MeetMe Number to join.
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