Boson Netsim 8

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Hi guys,

Does anyone have any experience with Boson Netsim 8 CCNP? Looks decent on the website, my main concern is that it is too buggy.

CCNP Network Simulator & Router Simulator | NetSim 8.0

Does anyone have it?


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    I wouldn't waste my money on it. For that price I would buy 2 3550s, 2 2950s, and lab manuals. You can use those switches for SWITCH and GNS3 for ROUTE. NetSim is good for CCNP only. GNS3 and physical switches can be used for other Cisco exams you'd take in the future.
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    I use boson netsim sometimes , actually I am pursuing my studies for icnd2 , after I finished with ccna , goin to buy some real gears to continue to ccnp ccie , the boson netsim is 99 dollards with that and like 200 $ more you can buy two switches and a router , your call .
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    I think you are referring to ex-sim max because netsim is $350.
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    I can't consider NetSim8 worthwhile for CCNP.

    Honestly at the stage of CCNP, it's about time to pony up the cash for real equipment time. At the ICND2 level, Netsim is good - but it shows its limitation pretty roughly at the ICND2 stage. I had to upgrade to GNS3 for CCNA. GNS3 for me at CCNP seems "meh".

    Why the gusto? Because of what you said - Bugs. Part of your fight with NetSim is going to be with the emulator itself. Then you'll fight the IOS. I know it's hard to say "Buy equipment" when there's cheaper routes to go for studying.

    Not to mention we're no longer studying Associate level knowledge. If you're studying for the CCNP, I think you've committed to yourself that you want this and you want the equipment time at some point. Where you'll put the CCNP knowledge to the test in the real world. Working with the cabling, upgrading the memory, figuring out problems that aren't covered in the NP courses will come up and you'll be expected to know how by now. All this adds to experience which someone just doing simulators won't know.

    Will you purchase gear when you study for CCIE? how about NP:Voice? I say start saving pennies, and get gear. Meanwhile, grab GNS3 for some basic stuff.
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    Any simulator is a big waste of money IMO when you have GNS3 and ebay. Why learn on some buggy sim when you can get the real thing?
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    Don't forget rack rentals. Its a viable and cost effective option to get into real equipment. Some places have free racks too.
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    Some people attribute their passing tshoot exam due to using net sim ,people having been failing due to not being able to adjust to using the exam simulater and it's limited command set (supposedly the commands you don't need are not available).
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