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Has anyone taken this exam recently? I am just getting my backside back into the certification passing and it would appear that I have thrown myself into the deep end with this one icon_sad.gif

I was just wondering if anyone had taken it recently and could offer any tips? Perhaps how many questions you tend to get asked in total? Certain topics to brush up on..?

I'm beginning to wonder if taking the 3 exams seperately would be a wiser choice here. It would certainly seem so from the threads I have read regarding this one.


  • willhi1979willhi1979 Senior Member Member Posts: 191
    I took the 649 and failed so decided to take the exams individually. There are 20-25 questions in each section, and you have to pass each section to pass the test so there isn't much room for failure. I'd advise against it unless you lab out all the new features really well.
  • mr2nutmr2nut Senior Member Member Posts: 269
    Thanks for the heads up. I failed this exam today with a 656 but passed the rest of it. What a complete, utter joke. No simulation, just remembering commands to stuff that I would never use in real life. I failed 640 so had to sit there for 2 hours slugging it out when all along I couldn't pass anyway. Is life/work not hard enough without having to take these money spinning, pointless exams :-S
  • willhi1979willhi1979 Senior Member Member Posts: 191

    If you passed the other areas by a good margin, I'd just study the new 2008 stuff for AD and you could nail it. The command line and powershell stuff they ask is ridiculous since you can look it all up, but most of it can be deduced from the questions. I passed the 640 today so I'm off to the 642.
  • mr2nutmr2nut Senior Member Member Posts: 269

    I completely agree. That is why the /? switch exists. I felt like adding some very unprofessional comments to the review at the end of the exam, but I held myself back. I just feel like it's going to take me a few goes as I'll get a ton of new questions next time and knowing my luck they'll be subnetting/ipv6 which I don't know too much about.
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    Get over it, everything is going to powershell. The next server version after 8 is reported to not even have a GUI. Just using /? does not mean you understand or know what you are doing and that is what Microsoft is looking for.
  • mr2nutmr2nut Senior Member Member Posts: 269
    You serious..? Wow, that's going to be exciting for us all and for future exams, whilst UNIX is going more the other way with many of its flavours.

    I agree with you completely, but this test does NOT question your skills as an engineer, it's a complete memory game. Simulation exams are the way forward.
  • mr2nutmr2nut Senior Member Member Posts: 269
    Well, as much as I still stick to m point above, I sailed through the exam today. 833 overall but scored over 900 on the other two. I have learnt a great deal from the CBT Nuggets and from technet as I don't like MSPress books too much.

    I had quite a few repeat questions which was quite refreshing as the local testing centre throws you in a cupboard with no aircon or windows. What a horrible setup..
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