I need all the advice I can get

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Hey guys, I'm preparing myself for the Net+ exam which I plan to take in the middle of August. I need all the advice I can get.
And suggest materials I should use to study. I have no experience at all but I took a networking class last semester and I made an A. So my professor awarded me with a voucher for the Net+ exam.


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    I got Mike Meyer's Network+ book on Amazon. It's a good read and easy to understand. I read it cover to cover and I think I have a pretty good grasp on the material. It comes with some good practice exams too. Also, take the practice exams on here as well and take a look at the tech notes. Also, there is a member here (can't remember the name) that created some AMAZING cram notes that list common port numbers, OSI model layers, and cable specs. I'm sure someone else will respond to this and link to them.

    I'm taking my exam in late July (have to wait so I can be reimbursed) so I'll be taking the practice tests a few times a week to stay fresh. Good Luck with your studies!
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    Thanks taternuts , Good luck to you as well.
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    I'm reading Mike Meyers' CompTIA Network+ Certification Passport, Third Edition. Also, I'm going to watch Professor Messer's videos. That's what a lot of people seem to do. I'm looking to take the exam in August myself. I'm going to take the N+ 004 exam, as it should be cheaper since the exam expires at the end of August.
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    The Mike Meyers' book and Professor Messer videos should be all you need for this exam. You should watch the videos in an active way, rather than a passive way (meaning if the Professor is typing in commands that you need to memorize, you should be typing them in also). It's much easier to memorize all of the commands and such this way, rather than just reading them. Good luck!
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    I took a course at my local community college to prepare for the exam. I used the Element K books but Professor Messer's Free CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Course | Professor Messer - CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, Technology Training helped me out a lot. Good Luck!:D
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    I also have no experience. I used Darril Gibson's 005 book to study and also a random book of practice questions. I studied for about 2 months and I did pretty well. As mentioned, the Professor Messer videos helped greatly as well. Best of luck.
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    Congrats on the pass HectorP. Glad to hear the book helped.

    Bst of luck on your next adventure.
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    Professor Messer videos and Mike Meyers Total Tester.
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