One Down, Two to go....

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Passed ROUTE this afternoon, and boy do you really have to know your stuff, I honestly didn't think I was gonna pass at the end, I had 15mins to spare, which I suppose it ok. Up popped the score - I stared in disbelief at a score of 965, has to be a mistake but I'll take it :) . I'm not confident about SWITCH at all, if this was meant to be the easier of the two.

The labs weren't too difficult in truth, but the time pressure magnifies their difficulty immensely. I used the FLG, OCG for study and Cisco Route lab manual, GNS3 Vault and GNS3 for labs.

I'll take a week off and start the road to Switch.

Finally I'd like to thank you all here, even though I don't post much I do lurk and I've learned a lot from other peoples intelligent questions, and their even more intelligent replies..



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    Congrats! good luck on the next one...
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    Good work. What was the hardest points for you?
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    Roguetadhg wrote: »
    Good work. What was the hardest points for you?

    Detail, the concepts are deceptively easy - it is the detail that gets you and is what turns up in the exam. And I don't just mean detail in the concepts - it is details for implementation that you really need to know. Get hold of as many GNS3 labs as you can and lab like crazy. Know what all the show commands show too.

    If I had to pick one area I didn't like it would be the VPN stuff, I really Liked BGP (probably because it was new to me) and the IPv6 was the easiest.
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    Don't worry too much about SWITCH. A friend of mine found it much easier than ROUTE. I guess it depends a lot on your background. I am studying for SWITCH myself right now and I would expect ROUTE to be harder too.
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    Congrats! You may find SWITCH easier - I am.

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