Experience vs Book%?

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For those who have taken the test: WHAT percentage of the actuall test would you say is based on real world experience and what percentage is based on book theory? (i.e., 50/50?)

And are the test questions as long as the XP test was? On the XP (my first M$ cert) I have like 10 minutes left and no time to review stuff icon_eek.gif


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    I would say the questions are about 70% book theory and 30% reality. Most of the questions are dealing with enterprise size companies. The questions are very healthy in length. This was the first MS test I took after getting my CCNA, because some of the topics were similar. I thought all the tests had long and drawn out questions like this one, but it was good to find out they arent. The questions may be lengthy, but you can cut out alot of it once you finish reading the whole thing. There is the customary # of clients, what type of os's, how many domains, blah, blah, blah at the start of most questions.
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    The questions are going to be wordy. M$ won't risk ruining their reputation for question length!

    The book is extremely important. Experience is what gives you the edge. A lot of what is involved is intuition. Intuition developed over the long haul. The longer the experience, the more intuition you will have. This type of "gut level" understanding is what makes it easier to cut through the extra words, and find the really important parts of the questions. And, in reality, this tells M$ if you can do the troubleshooting required to carry their cert.
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