GLBP - two preempts

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From reading texts and documentation online it appeared to me that GLBP had preempt enabled by default.

I was just doing a GLBP lab exercise when I noticed that "Preemption disabled" was displayed in #sh glbp. After some digging around I found that there are two preempts under GLBP, one for the AVG and one for AVFs. AVF preemption can be verified at the bottom of the #sh glbp output.

For AVFs preempt is enabled by default with a delay of 30 seconds. In order to preempt an AVG you need to set it manually.

AVG: #glbp 1 preempt

Change AVF default:

AVF: #no glbp 1 forwarder preempt

#glbp 1 forwarder preempt [delay minimum seconds]

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