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Hi All,

I am sure this is posted somewhere, but I couldn't find any comparisons. Thoughts or preferences on INE vs. IPExpert? Working on CCNP Sec right now but I decided to do both R&S and Sec because I am feeling some of the gaps in my knowledge with the Sec track. Work is willing to pay for training, and I saw the All Access Pass from INE which looked really good. I just wanted to see what people had opinion-wise on the two options. I've read lots of good mentions about INE but haven't seen a lot on IPExpert. Maybe that's the answer in itself. Anyway, thoughts and opinions are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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    Hrmm, no opinions at all on this? I see a lot of INE references but I haven't seen anything on IPExpert. My boss was familiar with IPX but hadn't heard of INE, so I wanted to get some opinions. Any input would really be appreciated.
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    Just starting the CCNP track. I went to IPExpert's website. It looks like the CCNP R&S track (streaming media) has no cost. Currently reading the Route OCG so won't start looking for additional materials until after I complete my first read.
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    Can't say that I know anyone who has done IPExpert training. I can let you know about INE's new CCNP Security program after July 28th though. I enrolled in the CCNP Sec bootcamp. It is supposed to address the v2 changes to Firewall and VPN - we will see.
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    Hey spd3432, thanks for the heads up on ipexpert's free streaming vids! I went and looked, and it is only the ROUTE vids that you can get streaming for free (not the ccnp combo, or switch and tshoot individual series), but hey, that's better than nothing. I did have to create an account though, but free of charge, sweet.

    The only thing that sucks is that I'm currently going through SWITCH, and would love to see those for free. But hey, I can't complain. I'll probably go through these just to see the quality/format that ipexpert uses... cool. Anyone going for ROUTE, check em out
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    This! Thank you spd3432! That, at least, lets me have a look at IPExpert's stuff.

    Also thanks to both you and dover for the input on training companies. I really appreciate it.
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    I'm going to their 2 week ccie R&S camp Sunday. I'll let you know.
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