CompTIA A+ Certified!

ASUSTeKASUSTeK Member Posts: 148
OMG icon_eek.gif Im so exicited. Well I did it, i passed the OS exam this morning. Got a 682 on my first attempt. and of course i also got 784 on the core exam two weeks ago, which was also my first attempt. I am finally A+ certified.

The OS exam was very tricky though. I remember wanting to kick myself a few times in the exam room for not knowing some of the answers. They throwed alot of Windows XP questions at me, some were hard, some easy and some ........ had me clueless icon_confused.gif . Oh well at least i passed.

Well thanks again folks for the support.
Im off to Network+ , Server + , Security+ and Project + in that order.

The Begining Of Wisdom Is "I Don't Know".


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