Unity Connection Specialist Exam

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Has anyone else done this exam?

I've failed it twice but some of the questions don't seem to have correct answers or are multiple choice and only one of the answers is correct. Just wanted to find out others experiences to verify my sanity.



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    I didn't even know people were still taking those, anyways you prob work for a partner and have to have them for specialization. If you do work for a partner you should have access to the Cisco education portal and you can do the web classes. Usually the answers to the exam are word for word out those classes.
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    I accidentally titled this thread Unity instead of Unity Connection, fixed now.

    You're right, I do work for a partner and it's required for specialization. Unfortunately nowadays Cisco pretty much only does web training for the online exams or the sales/marketing/positioning BS exams. I haven't seen any for a 642 series in a while.

    Guess my only option is to take it again next week and hope I guess the "correct" wrong answers this time. In the mean time I've got to pass the UCCX exam as well, that's going to be a bear.
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    I passed this exam earlier this year. Unfortunately, PEC had no video/web based training on this exam. I used the Unity Connection book by Cisco Press and I had access to CUC 8x. I've also deployed CUC, CUE, PIMG integrations with TDM PBXs as well. So I had a pretty solid background on CUC.

    The problem with getting the specializations is they expire in 2 years, so after accumulating a few it becomes obvious that you'll need to work on the CCIE-V to constantly have them renewed at the same time.

    Anyways ... back to reading UC SRND 7x.

    wish you the best on your studies.
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    Thanks, I did end up passing the exam on my third try. I'll probably start studying for the Voice written this fall since my UCS specialist cert is going to expire soon. Specializations are kind of a pain.
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