Bruce Schneier: So You Want to Be a Security Expert

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Good blog post from Bruce Schneier on learning the ropes in security:

Schneier on Security: So You Want to Be a Security Expert

The key part is: "Computer security is fundamentally a practitioner's art, and that requires practice."

No truer words in security I am afraid. I have found more than any other job I have had, that InfoSec is work you HAVE to take home with you. Sure I kick back and relax, but often times, I have the itch to go read up on new exploits, test them out on my own time. I find that if you don't, you will quickly be left behind.


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    Thanks for the link will bookmark it for future reference :)
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    Haven't read the blog post yet, but I'll never forget what one of my security professors told us on the first day. He stood in front of class and said if you aren't willing to read up on new security concepts everyday, 365/24/7, then you should leave his class right then. Very true.
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    tpatt100tpatt100 Member Posts: 2,991 ■■■■■■■■■□
    I think that is why I am eventually only going to keep a higher level cert or two current and not worry so much about pursuing most of the others. I think my spare time would be better spent working on a few general topics rather than focusing on so many topics that I become so generalized I can't really do much except talk about it.
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    jasong318jasong318 Member Posts: 102
    Awesome article, thanks for the link! I agree that it's an every changing field and you are almost forced to constantly research, learn, experiment, and adapt or risk becoming outmoded.
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,057 Admin
    This quote got a standing ovation from me: "I am a fan of security certifications, which can often demonstrate all of these things to a potential employer quickly and easily."

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    HLRSHLRS Banned Posts: 142
    thank you sir, good stuff
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