Convince for Security+?

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I am currently a Field Technician wanting to advance my career. My manager is very picky when it comes to trainings, and likes them to pertain to my current job. Thing is, how can I train for my future if I'm restricted to training for my current job!?

I mentioned CCENT/CCNA a few months back and he told me I can take the Network+ because is does somewhat relate to my everyday job duties. But now I'm wanting to finish the "CompTIA triad" and get my Security+. I'm trying to convince him to allow me to take this, but I'm nervous if he will deny me. I'm really bad when it comes to just sitting down and reading a book or watching a video and need real motivation with a teacher in front of me to really get off my butt and learn.

Can anyone provide a list of benefits that Security+ would provide me/a company for a basic Helpdesk tech? I was thinking Risk Management, User/Group Permissions, Firewalls, etc. but anything else would be extremely appreciated! Just need this last cert then the real fun starts!


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    You would definetely have a better understanding of the different types of malware/spyware/viruses etc. you would encounter as a technician.
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    Security+ won't make you a security expert obviously as it is not intended to do that but it certainly will make most technicians more security aware. While a lot of it will be common sense, most techs will learn a few things. It sounds like your manager has a different viewpoint than I do and I'm not sure I'd want him making my training schedule. I thought N+ was a total joke but S+ was useful.
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