MS Press 2nd edition or Sybex 3rd edition?

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Hi there..

I want to start with 70-270, however I am confused between 2 2005 books:

Sybex 70-270 3rd edition (800 pages)
MS Press 70-270 2nd edition (1400 pages)

I think MS Press is good, but what bothers me is the number of pages it has: 1400 pages !! 600 pages more than Sybex.
So myu concern with MS Press is that it would take me ages to go through the book comparing with Sybex..

What do you think guys ?
I am really confused here.

Thanks a lot !!


  • zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    the ms press book may have more pages, but the font size is big; plus the pages are small. The Sybex on the other hand, has smaller fonts and few pages. Both are good books but I prefer the ms press because it has more details than the Sybex. Please other comments on other posts for further info.
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  • walid97walid97 Member Posts: 79 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Ok.. thanks a lot dude.
    I think I am going for MS Press.

    Cheers !
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    Also the MS press kit is 20 chapters of material. 21-27 are exam prep that covers objectives. I hit a wall at chapter 18 and have taken a week off but its time to get going again. Convetional wisdom says I need a 2nd book or study guide to go through after I finish this MS press book. I want to do the sybex or exam cram. I notice with both of these books there is the text and a related study guide (i think). Are you folks suggesting that I need to read another entire text or can I just get the study guide and go through that.
  • zenboyzenboy Member Posts: 196
    dagger, I would suggest that you take some practice tests and see if you do them well. Do alot of them, study some of the study guide and see what you have missed in your study, read the sybex book on the partS that are missing in ms press, and take more practice test. It's hard to judge whether you are ready yet; only you determine that.
    "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few" - S.Suzuki
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