Mistake don't duplicate!!!

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I'm not one to complain, but I went to take my Security 301 exam and the site tester informed me that I had 2 1/2 hours to test. Folks you only have 90 minutes pay attention to the timer on the upper right side.It's not that I believed her, But I'd gotten too comfortable and only completed 68% of my questions and scored 692 out of 100. Well I know the material that's for sure! But unfortunately, they also get you for all the unanswered questions. Just make sure you finish the test in it's entirety and don't even listen to the test administrator or you will be forced to walk away knowing that you could have passed. This is not a good feeling believe me! Nevertheless I am schedule to take the test again this week and I paid the $126 for the quick take price. You best believe that I will finish this one in its entirety, and I will pass! God Bless and I wish everyone well!

PS. Remember complete the whole test in the 90 minutes time allotted to you and then go back for the questions that you weren't sure about. I hope this helps someone!


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