What is Ready Enough?

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I've spent quite a long time lurking in the shadows reviewing the information shared here, and have found endless use to many of the threads. However, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with using the ISACA adaptive test engine, followed by taking the exam. My specific question is "What score should I average before considering myself ready for the exam?".

The software seems to provide a preferred consistent score of 85%, but I'm not sure how that aligns with ISACA's weighted score system. I love the test engine itself. With features such as exam date countdown and adaptive learning, it is a true asset.

Another issue I've identified is that I seem to be remembering the answers to the questions, and fear I may not necessarily truely understand the concepts ISACA is trying to convey. The risk here, of course, is that the concept observed is presented in a different question format and I miss it on the actual exam.

I've also purchased the 2012 review manual, and am waiting for that to come in the mail. Any other suggested review materials? We have +-150 days to the EOY exam date, and I'm studying about 1 hour a day. Anyone see that as not being enough?


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    CISPhd: I also really liked the ISACA test engine - the test engine was VERY helpful for both CISA and CISM. I kept it up until I was scoring 95% though.... I found that I DID learn the concepts. If there were questions I was struggling with, I spent additional time reading and reviewing that corresponding section in the ISACA book.

    The test engine was so helpful that I really don't want to take another ISACA exam without it! Given how dry the reading materials are, I am going to wait to take the CRISC until there is an ISACA test engine for it, as well... I really think that the test engine made ALL the difference for me.

    Also, I don't think that you need to study an hour a day for 150 days. That seems like overkill. Maybe study 30 minutes to 1 hour a day for a couple of months before the exam... and in the meantime to keep it fresh and not lose what ground you've already covered, study an hour every couple of weeks.
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    @ CISPhD

    u said u r using study guide .. what u mean by study guide ? the CISA review manual 2012 ?

    also what u mean by test engine ? do u mean CISA Practice Question Database v12 Software Download ??

    actually my test on 8 Dec and am using CRM 2012 plus nuggets and i really confused if i should have third resource or not !!
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    To F_A_H_D

    i'm also taking the exam this dec 2012..i see u were able to get the CISA review manual 2012, were u able to get it via PDF?, also im studying via "Skillsoft" test engines have you heard anything about this program? thanks
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    the CRM 2012 i purchased it dont ever think that u will find it in PDF :)

    skillsoft doesnt have any product for CISA i checked the website how u got it then!
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    To FAHD
    did you purchase it thorough the website or a local chapter? I have skillsoft through my employer, but i have heard its not that good. how's CBT nuggets doing for you?
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    Hi Guys,

    If you study CISA 2012 CRM will be enough to pass the exam. 2012 DB questions will help you understand how questions are placed and clarify more of your confusions if there is one. CRM is pretty plain and boring as many members agreed but to grab more knowledge about IT Auditing.. read David Cannon.
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    i purchased the CRM from the ISACA website and it shipped to me in 9 days

    i believe CRM is good as a reference its huge book of 430 pages every page is double thats mean it more than 800 page in fact, and the way they describe the things is really hard to me
    for that reason am using careeraademy video training and by the end of each chapter am reviewing from the CRM after that am taking 30 to 40 question from the database, the database is really great tool i believe its more important than the CRM as it make u understand how they ask in the exam.
    for those questions i dont know the answer i usually open the CRM and read that part to select the correct answer plus the DB itself gives you well explanation

    the only thing i dont like with CBT nuggets is the production date is little old. but sure i will watch it later on.

    i started to study CISA only 20 days back and what i found is "practice is the most important part of your study", am i correct?
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    Thanks for you for the info. Your study technique is similar to mine. thats correct. practice makes perfect...when you say "30 to 40 questions from the database" do you mean the ISACA CD Q and A? https://svpr-isg-a1.isaca.org/ISGweb/Purchase/ProductDetail.aspx?Product_code=CDB12W
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    Hey All,

    Thank you for responding back. I'm continuing to use the test engine to study a bit each day. Scores are consistently in the 80s, but I feel I have room to grow. My employer opted to pay for a three day training course offered by New Horizons. I expect this to help quite a bit. I've also been granted access to the CISM training nuggets through my employer's open access license. These are a big help as well.

    Overall CISM Study Materials:
    ISACA Test Engine
    ISACA Review Manual
    CBT Nugget - CISM
    CISM Onsite Training - New Horizons

    If I still fail the test after all that, I think it may be time to just throw my hands up and decide which fast food place offers the best burgers. In-n-Out is in the lead. ;)
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    I would like to know how time i get for each section for my CISA exam date, therefore,
    What is the real-time I would be given that day for the CISA exam for each of the domains:

    1) Process of Auditing

    2) Govt and mgmt of IT

    3) IS acquisition and development

    4) IS operations and Maintenance

    5) Protection of information of Assets

    I know its 4 hours do we get a break after 2 hours?

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    tridibur wrote: »
    I know its 4 hours do we get a break after 2 hours?

    You can take a break any time you want but the clock is still ticking.
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    Checking back in again... My local ISACA chapter here in Denver is offering free review/study group sessions every Saturday. We had our first session last weekend, and it helped a LOT. I now average in the high 90s when taking questions only from Domain 1. The other domains, particularly domain 2 (Risk Mgt) are still a bit sticky, but I expect those to get better.

    The CISM 2012 test engine continues to be the most useful asset. To anyone taking an ISACA exam (CISA/CISM at least), I'd suggest you get the engine. It introduces you to the question format, and provides additional explanation and ISACA manual references for questions that you miss.

    The CBT Nugget series for the exam is fairly helpful as well. It is a bit dated (2009), but it has a lot of the same material and is easier to pay attention to than the dry material in the ISACA manual.

    I'm still waiting for the New Horizon onsite training course to start, which is being held Thanksgiving week. Once I get past that, I'll drop another line to let everyone know how effective the course was.
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