Call to CISM exam takers ,,, CISM in Dec 2012

sameh_egy1sameh_egy1 Member Posts: 4 ■□□□□□□□□□

I Plan to set for Dec 2012 CISM Exam .. Can you please share with me your studding experience and recommendation

BEST OF LUCK for CISM exam takers in Jun2012.



  • CISPhDCISPhD Member Posts: 114
    I imagine YMMV depending upon how much experience you have in the field. For those with 15+ years, only a month or so of study to get used to the question format and ISACA mindset may be required. With those closer to the minimum 5 years, additional study, exam test engines, and books may be required. I've had about 7 years experience, and I'm working through the exam test engine offered by ISACA, and have just ordered my CISM 2012 review manual. The test engine is absolutely amazing. I've read on the forums more than once that it is a vital tool to getting your head ready for what the exam mindset is.
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