Failed today

drew2000drew2000 Member Posts: 290
Got 799, needed 804.

The frustrating part was one of the "testlet" style questions that had 4 parts. I answered the first question, then hit NEXT, and it skipped the next 3 parts of that test let. I new it as soon as I hit NEXT that I probably cost myself the pass. Granted, I should have STILL known enough to pass, but I killed myself by hitting NEXT too soon.

I noticed ALL of the other testlets prompted you to click YES to confirm you are ready to close the question, but this one did not.

Plus you can't go back to previous questions, plus there is no check for unanswered questions at the end of the exam.

I'll hit it harder next time!



  • spd3432spd3432 Member Posts: 224
    Ouch! Tough way to fail. Sounds like a bug of sorts but that won't be much consolation. Re-do any practice exams you used, but train yourself to think of "next" as "next question" instead of "next part" of this question and use the other controls to navigate with.
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  • 4_lom4_lom Member Posts: 485
    Sorry to hear you didn't pass. Hmm, did you tell your proctor about the glitch?
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  • drew2000drew2000 Member Posts: 290
    I didn't report it, because I knew it was my own fault. I have taken ~20 cert exams in my career, but still should have known better. I got that testlet EARLY in test, so I knew for the rest of the test that I hurt my score. By the time I got my 799, I was basically over it and ready to try again.

    I am so used to the MS tests, where the test will pop up a review screen at the end and allow to you to review questions that were unanswered. But I guess I answered part 1 of the 4 parts of that testlet, so even still it may have counted as an attempt.

  • gadav478gadav478 Member Posts: 374 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Geez, that is rough. Best wishes for your retake... keep your head up.
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  • SomnipotentSomnipotent Member Posts: 384
    Ugh, I did the same thing on my ROUTE exam... lucky I still passed, but dang man, that really sucks!!!
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  • jamesp1983jamesp1983 Member Posts: 2,475 ■■■■□□□□□□
    You were so close. Good luck on the next attempt.
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