command line switches..

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how complex are questions on switches? do they focus on just commanly used ones?

im down to just memorizing things i dont & probably wont commanly use.

i know all the utilities and most common switches, do i really need to memorize every switch for every coommand?

/? does it for me + they all have basically the same switches that do different things like

ping /a
dir /a
copy /a
xcopy /a
del /a
/a does something diff in every one how do u memorize that?


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    /a does something diff in every one how do u memorize that?
    By actually using them, reading about it won't do much good on the long run as anyone is likely to forget the paramaters. If you actually use them you can associate the actual results with the command and options, which will make it much easier.

    You don't need to memorize them all, 'just' the common ones. Which exactly are the common ones is hard to tell of course, but it should allow you to get a rough idea of which ones you don't need to memorize. And of course make sure you have the exam objectives from the comptia site as a guideline.
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