701 is Done!

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Hey, everyone!

Guess you could call me a lurker of sorts. I've been viewing the forums and taking practice tests on here for a couple of months, but have yet to post a thing 'til now. I see a lot of people posting about their success in passing exams, or parts thereof, and sharing how they did so.

Well, I passed the 701 the other day! I'm after her sister next...heh, heh. Lol, but what I used were definitely the Professor Messer videos. It's pretty much just like going to a class and listening to a lecture without having to leave your home. So well done and informative and best of all; Free! Many thanks goes out to James Messer. Also, thanks to the internet lol.

For physical study material I took advantage of a deal a company called LearnSmart was having where all their cert Exam Manuals were a dollar each. Bought me five bucks worth, Essentials and Practical manuals included. I used some flashcard apps downloaded from Google Play. I also got A+ for Dummies in CHM format to take with me on the go along with the Apps (although I didn't read it in its entirety). I also took the official CompTIA practice exam a few times as well as these nice little practice tests on here!

I guess my methods were a medley of a bunch of different stuff. I actually think I downloaded and got too many things to study with, but still...it's not over yet! I'll be taking my 702 within a month or two while the momentum is high and the knowledge is fresh.

And with that...my first post. =P


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    Congrats on the first half of A+! I'm sure you'll do great on the second exam as well! :)

    I'd recommend you take a week off, then dive into 702 and take it within a month from the day you start studying again. Granted you're passing some practice exams well enough I'd say you'd be perfectly fine!
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    grats! when r u taking 702?

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    Thanks, everyone! Yes, taking the 702 in a little bit of a while. Since the stakes are set a bit higher, with 700 now needed to pass, can't afford to not know some questions. Must focus and retain knowledge. Of course, that didn't help me too much with a few curve balls thrown into the 701. While I did get a lot of questions I knew, there were some I had absolutely no idea about lol. Stuff I never saw in anything I studied with. Of course, before the test began it did say that a few questions may be thrown into the mix that wont count towards the score. Questions from different exams. Maybe those were the ones.

    As for the 702, any tips or advice? Now that I know what it's like to take an exam such as this, I'm fairly certain I'll be less nervous and more confident next time. I think it'd just be interesting to get takes from people who took the 702 and how they felt it differed from 701. I'm sure there will be a lot of similar stuff, but still, any feedback would be awesome! =)
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    congrats and good luck on the 702. the 702 i would say is a little bit tougher because its asks more networking/scenario types of questions. make sure to know your port numbers!
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