Overhaul of CCNA Voice?

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From what I have been able to gather from google the CCNA Voice was recently redone and there are no plans to redo the cert in the next year or so like CCNA Security. Is this information correct or is there something I missed and the cert will be redone soon?


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    I am sure Cisco will make updates here and there as the technology changes, but as far as expiring the exam and replacing it with another...I imagine that will not happen for a while since it was just recently updated.
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    Yeah, as /usr said – the exam was recently completely refreshed, and the previous iteration was in place for a few years, so you should be good for a while.
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  • JackaceJackace Member Posts: 335
    Thanks guys this is what I wanted to confirm before I purchased some study material. I'm looking to finish up my CCNA Security now and found a deal with some Voice stuff included and wanted to make sure I would have time to get both done.
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    640-461 ICOMMS is the current - just go with that :)
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