Backing up data

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Ok I'm going through my mspress book for the exam again. I feel like I pick something up extra everytime I read it so far.
Just want some help please on catalogs
"a tape from a foreign system that not cataloged on the local mechine will appear in the import media pool"
Does that mean if I move a tape to another server that would appear in the import media pool and would need to import the catalog for it to work?
Sorry I just don't think that's very clear can anyone give me a real life situation where this is needed?
Thanks and hope I'm not just being thick!!


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    What that's saying is that if you take a tape from a different computer system (or a new tape), you have to import the tape into your backup software. The software used by the backup system will associate that tape with the backup.

    I know it sounds complex reading it but it's actually pretty simple. For example you'd open up your tape software and you'd see "new tape". You'd right click on it and import. That's all it's saying.
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