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Wondering if anyone could help please?

I've done darils book a while back and thought 'd better book the exam. Found out yesterday the company next to my office has gone and can only now book up for october within a ensible distance. ( enough of this ). Ok so go to book the exam today, already feeling financial strain to find the exam has VAT added to it ( a lovely local custom for fleecing extra cash of you ) bringing the exam up to £238....

I thought the £191 original price was bad enough but talked myself around. So does anyone know if there is a way to get a discount on these? Comptia store is as expensive as booking normally and certify4less only seem to help out the USA guys. The cost of this is making me think twice and my company ( who is going for company certification to say how safe a company they are wont put a hand it there pockets even though I paid for the materials myself )

Does anyone know anywere UK guys can get this cheaper please?

Rant over. Thanks.



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    There are scammers out there that sell you a voucher number that turns out to be bogus but there are also legitimate companies where you can purchase vouchers at a discount.

    In the US has been a good source for many people but they only have vouchers for the US and Canada right now.

    I just did a Google search on "security+ voucher discount UK" and came up with this site which shows them available for £183 which is a little less
    CompTIA International Security+ Vouchers - Prometric / VUE Exam International Security+ Voucher Test Discount
    However, something isn't quite right. They are selling Prometric vouchers but July 8th was the last date to take Security+ through Prometric. Unless there is something different in the UK that I'm unaware of, a Prometric voucher is worthless at this point.

    Maybe someone in the UK has a better answer.
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    Why are you taking the exam? Is it a demand from your employer? Then they should gladly pay for several attempts at this exam, no questions asked. Is it not a direct demand, but you want to gain the cert before your annual pay review? Double-check that this cert will actually give you some extra ROI, then go into your piggybank to get the funds. Is it not demanded from your current employer, but you want to get into the information security business? Get up and go into your supervisor's office, and demand that the company pays for your test. Worst case scenario you get a prod in the right direction on your way to a better job. And when you do have the interview for your next job, state that you are interested in getting certified in various areas of IT and would like to see an annual fund for that.
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    Gracetech were legit for me. Make sure you look for the UK specific exam vouchers and not the euro ones.
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    For the last 3 years we had a security/exchange guy on our team of 4. Always been interested in these areas so would always raised it at my annual appraisal. The guy left last year and wasnt replaced. We've struggled like mad and are now fire fighting.

    Company wants to promote themselves as a 'safe and secure' company you can trust. I put myself forward again to go on the sec+ exam. Happy to pay for the books myself ( though dont think I should TBH as its in there interest ) and asked if they would refund the exam.....not ( same with exchange )

    Manager far to busy painting the outside of the house to realise its burning down as the old phrase goes.

    Seen another webpage that says something along the lines of 'keep em dumb, keep em here!'

    Would be happy to stay with some recognition or/and training but if I have to pay for this myself just as glad to give the experiance to another employer
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    Reread this and realised it makes it some like Im throwing my toys out the pram.....Im not.

    I'm not looking for a pay rise or anything, Im trying to get more knowledge to help our team out. Im doing this to make my life and the teams easier. My bug bear Im willing to give my time and effort and feel I should have something to show for it at the end of the day. A cert would be my reward for putting effort in.
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    triplea wrote: »
    I'm not looking for a pay rise or anything, Im trying to get more knowledge to help our team out. Im doing this to make my life and the teams easier.

    I think that's a great way to look at it. The more knowledge you have, the easier your job is. In most situations, this results in you bringing more value to the company and them giving you more money.

    In some situations, you simply do the best you can where you are, honing your skills and increasing your knowledge. At some point, you might realize that you have a lot of value that you can offer to another company and based on the skillset you've built up, they are willing to pay you much more.

    I can't speak for the UK, but in previous generations within the U.S., people often stayed with a company for their entire career and were often promoted from within based on their value. Today, it's much more common for people to stay somewhere for three to five years, building up their experience, and then move on to something else. Depending on how much valuable experience and knowledge they built up, the move may be a lateral move or a move up. The good news within IT is that there is a lot of room for people to move up.

    I certainly understand the desire to minimize training costs and was glad to see that MickQ answered indicating he had luck with Gracetech.

    Good luck.
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