CHFI Cleared: Study Tips Inside

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Good evening.

Cleared the CHFI this morning. I earned 86% on the test today, and this is what worked for me. As a WGU student, I get access to U-Certify.

Study tips:

1. Begin studying for this after clearing CEH, as there is some carryover
2. Read the U-Certify notes
3. Do the U-Certify Lesson Tests to perfection (one for each notes section)
4. Use Dr. Nelson's Mobile CHFI Flashcards Mobile CHFI Flashcards

Note: I didn't get the lesson tests to perfection, in fact, I failed the one I tried, and then just read my notes a few more times, because I wasn't catching something. Based on the questions, it became clear that it was just a memorization exercise.

I reviewed Dr. Nelson's flash cards three times: once initially, when I was copying her's down to my machine to add to Cue Card, and twice after I printed them out. There were some errors in the flash cards, but most all of them should be corrected now, as I sent comments to Dr. Nelson about the errors I found, and she replied that she had fixed them. Since I had my cards offline, I didn't go back onto the site to check. She scored over 90% on the exam, but she probably studied harder than I did.

Dr. Nelson's cards were very good, and I recommend them to anyone attempting this exam.

As far as real-world application, I can see some of the material is good. I just feel like the EC-Council tests are too "all over the place" especially on the TOOLS and just ask you to memorize a "bunch of tools". I think it could be better, if it just focused on a few tools, instead of spitting out a lot of tools, and since you're not knowing which ones will be tested, you're there trying to learn everything.

I searched, but found 0 jobs for this cert on Monster the other day. Your mileage may vary. :D

Hope this helps!
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