Taking 701 on Monday, cram advice?

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Hi Forum,

My studying only consists of watching professor messer's videos and about 250 hours of experience troubleshooting and repairing desktops as an IT intern. I don't think I'm prepared for the 701 and I have an appointment at a PearsonVue center on Monday. Any tips on cramming over the weekend to give myself the best chance to pass on Monday? Thanks for any advice.

- Tom


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    Take as many practice tests/questions as you can and see how well you do, if you are comfortable with the questions and getting above 80% on the practice test you should do well, if you're not good on the practice test then you will probably not fair well on the real exam. My suggestion is to not rely solely of the professor's videos which I used along with the Pearson A+ study guide and exam cram books. I spent about 3 weeks with this material before I schedule my exams. I can officially call myself A+ certified.
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    What I did was watch Messer's videos as well as take a couple practice tests and study some notes. I bought an A+ exam manual off of LearnSmart for Essentials. Of course, that's when they were having their dollar deals. I just say do what you're doing. I recently passed my 701 on the 9th. Just keep that knowledge fresh! =)
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