Using different test materials for the Sec+

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One of the things I wanted to share while studying for the Sec+ was I could not help but notice how different each information source was. Each study source I used was slightly different from the next, there was no real continuity. The focus on one book was not the same line of questioning as the questioning from certain online sources. The problem this created was that you could master the questions from source 1 but then study the questions from source 2 and bomb the practice test, making you doubt yourself and second guess if you're ready or not.
This was very different from studying for the CCNA or CCENT.


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    Is there a topic you are having questions about? Every author is going to put their own spin on the topics.
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    The topic is about using different test materials to study for the Sec+ exam. What I am talking about is more than putting one's spin on a general topic, it is what makes one study guide or source more valued over another. It's critical that those who have not taken the test be aware there is a wider disparity in material coverage for this particular exam, in my opinion.
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    From an author's perspective, one of the challenges is interpreting the objectives published by the vendor. Some authors have taught related classes dozens of times, talked to people after they took the exam, and gained in-depth knowledge of how the vendor interprets the objectives to create test questions. Sometimes though, the vendor is inconsistent in how they interpret the objectives. To adequately predict what the reader will be tested on, an author might choose to provide in-depth coverage of a topic that isn't tested at all. Or, the vendor might add questions that are only loosely related to an objective, so the author might not address the topic at all.

    From a reader's perspective, you have the benefit of gathering input from people that actually used a resource and were able to successfully pass an exam. Many times people on this forum have posted a question along the lines of "I'm looking to take this exam. What resource worked for you?" Other times readers look at reviews posted at other sites like Amazon. In many situations, it's commonly recommended that you study material from multiple sources whenever pursuing any certification. This gives you the benefit of different viewpoints.

    From a larger perspective though, if you're learning the material from multiple sources, you're still moving ahead. For example, knowledge you gain while studying for the Security+ exam helps build a solid security foundation and will help you take and pass the SSCP or CISSP exam farther down the road if you choose to do so.

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