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I bought my vouchers already and I am ready to schedule my exams for October, I feel i should take both on the same day to get it out of the way while the information is fresh. I was just looking for some input if it is too overwhelming to take both should I set them apart so I can concentrate on one exam at a time?

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    I set my mine a day apart so I could cram for the 2nd test. I don't know if you're allowed to take both on the same day. At least in Maryland you can't. Unless I suppose you go to two different testing centers. I would say schedule them a day apart but it's up to you I guess and how confident you feel.
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    It depends on your personal level of knowledge if you can do it back to back. When i did the A+ it was after 4 years of working at an OEM just physically assembling computers and doing light troubleshooting. So i did it back to back because everything that is tested was my day to day job for 40+ hours a week.

    But if you're new to IT or this certification is how you plan on getting into IT then i would put a day in between the tests to allow yourself some time to review and focus on the second test.
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    I'm completely new to IT, technology has always been a hobby. Decided to make a career out of it. I'll schedule it a day apart then to give me sometime to re-focus. Thanks for the advice guys.
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    Good luck! The exams are very similar, so taking them back-to-back shouldn't be an issue.
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    Good Luck.. how did you do on the test? !!!
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