ccna voice simulation/emulation problem (i can't buy a real LAB)

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Hi guys ,
i am new in CCNA voice
i don't have enough money tobuy a real LAB
so i will have to use simulation/emulation programs
the problem now that after studying the overall view and the start theoretical part of the course, i am now facing a problem with the practical (LAB) part
i am so confused
i do not know how to start LABS aىd what programs i should use
i hope that some one can help me ASAP


  • azaghulazaghul Member Posts: 569 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Yep, Cisco voice does diminish the bank balance...:)...just replaced 3 legacy 1760's with 2801's.

    The lower cost way, which has limitations and uses legacy hardware, is to use GNS3 and look closely at the blog at The last update there was over a year ago, but it does walk you through setting up a voice lab...with various scenarios to build. You still may need to add real hardware though, just not as much.
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