Network+ Questions

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Recently took and failed the CCNA. Mainly I messed up on the troubleshooting portion of it, bad. So for the next while I will be studying on my schools routers with OSPF, EIGRP, and VLAN configurations and troubleshooting the stuff. In the meantime a co-worker said I should take the n+, he said I could probably get it if I studied for like a week.

What are some good materials to study? I took some practice exams and missed mostly on ipx/spx, appletalk, and wire specifications, but performed well on all other sections. I have access to the following: Network+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide Second Edition by McGraw-Hill/Michael Meyers, ExamInsight For CompTIA Network+ Certification (Exam N10-002) by TotalRecall Publications, and ExamWise CompTIA Network+ Certification (Exam N10-002) by TotalRecall. Are these materials dated? Are the tech notes, my school education, and work experience enough to pass this?


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