First job in IT field...

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Hi guys!
I am an international student who currently live in Canada.
I had been taking Network Support program, and completed it a month ago. I have been looking for a job in BC and AB, but haven't got any luck yet.
Some of the companies were interested in me, however, because of my visa situation and no experience in IT field, they dont/cant hire me. (I need a sponsorship from a company to work in Canada.)

I tried to look for a volunteer work to get some experience in IT field. But where I live is small and doesnt have any IT related volunteer work.

Does anybody have a suggestion for me to get a job?



  • johnnynodoughjohnnynodough Member Posts: 634
    with A+ and Net+ and no experience, you need to look for bottom rung work, like board swapping or installing. You have to start somewhere.
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