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Hello to all,

I want some guideline regarding the course i am planning to get my self enrolled.

I am from India and the state is U.P. well that's not the problem i am writing about.
I went to the institute that provides the certification programs but after coming out now I am confused as to which course or should I say track to follow.
They have CCNA & MCITP. Now the question is which one should i do ?
I have search the web regarding the information but was not satisfied so i am posting it here.
It will be a big help if you all can give your opinion on this.
I am not a IT student though i have the basic knowledge about this field.

Awaiting the reply.


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    Well, do you prefer working on networking equipment or working on Microsoft servers?
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    It's up to you. There's a lot you can do as you can see. What do you enjoy in the IT field? If nothing else, you could read what exams require, and see if anything looks interesting to you.
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    The common answer will be for Network related roles CCNA and for Windows Platform related roles MCITP. Unfortunately both are not really applicable in our country.
    At most if you are good in spoken English & written you can try out with BOTH for Helpdesk roles, or try your hand with small IT Companies.
    Best bet will remain getting an established job in a MNC where you can either move internally to the role you like or keep working on the certifications that you will need.
    Things are different in our country icon_rolleyes.gif
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    They are both very good certifications to have. So it really comes down to what interests you more. Personally, I'd rather go the CCNA route, but that doesn't mean its the best option for you.
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    Thank you all for your replies . I want to say something though.

    1:- The objective is to get a respectable job after doing theses courses.

    2:- can anyone advice how much will be starting salary in India after completing CCNA & MCITP.

    3:- As said by Pumbaa_g thing are different in our country so what should i do I have interest in both the fields but the real choice will be after i take the admission.

    Thank you all. Looking forward to your comments.
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    I am sure you would have heard the saying in our language "No job is small, only people are small" Take that to heart, all jobs are respectable if you do them with dedication.
    If you are expecting a 9-5 job then forget it, most jobs I have seen require shifts be prepared to slog it out for 4-5 years before getting anywhere. Starting Salary in today's market if you are ok to relocate are starting with INR 150K to 250K. After that it depends on your skill and abilities. Don't blindly select a training center, most good training centers have internship or placements after the course try for those.
    One more thing I have in my frd circle a BTech in EE who is CCNA/CCNP certified and working as a basic entry level catch and dispatch Tech for a major MNC for past 2 years. A few months back I met another BTech who was in the final Semester giving CCIE Security. This should give you a picture of the competition involved in this market
    My advice will be don't think only one certification will be enough, ensure you have much more than the required skillset plus the experience if you want to get a good job.
    As I said in our country even for Helpdesk staff companies look for MCITP/CCNA & ITIL V3
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