Passed the RMP today!

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Challenging exam!

Used the PMBOK, Practice for standards for Project Risk Management, and RMP Guide from Abdulla Alkuwaiti

The break down imo on this exam was 60% Risk Management and 40% everything else. It was very close to the PMP (which I failed a few months back). I can pass the PMP now, the exams are similar in difficulty, the PMP having more questions the RMP having a lot more scenario based questions, at least from others experiences and my own. There are only 170 questions for the RMP unlike 200 from the PMP. I forgot what I paid but the test isn't cheap even as a member I believe it was high 500's low 600's.

Anyway it's a good day and by far the certification I am the most proud of.


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    Congratz on the pass! Quite alphabet soup you are creating! :)
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    Moving into the way of service management and project management. My new role aligns with all the certs I have listed, the CompTIA's really don't provide value for me anymore.

    Thanks for the props
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    Congrats! I heard its a tough one to crack so good job!
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    Congratulations! Nice set of credentials you now hold :)
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    congrats! hit the books hard for the PMP now!

    get it done before they change over to the pmbok 5th edition in the spring.....

    RMP is next up for me, so the more lessons learned from you the better!
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    Universal thanks for the heads up!

    My application is complete I am awaiting for them to remove the RMP application from the website. Once the pass information goes to PMI they will remove it and I will submit for the PMP. Once paid for I will schedule 2-3 weeks out tops. I have the ITTO's DOWN

    This was VERY helpful for me

    Along with the PMBOK and the Risk Management Standards off of the PMI site.
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    Excellent work! Especially with all the other things going on. I think youve got the PMP nailed. The local PM group will have nothing on you now. Keep it up!
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    Saint thanks for props I really appreciate all the support this fine forum and it's members bring.
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    from what i have been reading on the other forums about RMP is that is was EV heavy... that carries well into the PMP. i had over a dozen questions where i had to use the calculator for EV or PERT or STD Dev type of questions.

    memorizing the ITTO's for the RMP is great and props to you.... if you have... for PMP get the general flow of processes down and their key inputs (this is where the Andy Crowe book comes into play).

    risk managment is a key to the planning/executing/m&c on the PMP, so you already have over 2/3's of the PMP taken care of!

    PMI was really quick (like 1 day) to post my PMP status on their website, so hopefully today or Monday you will be able to apply for the PMP...

    also, have you thought about the SP? been reading lots of folks doing the PMI trifecta (PMP then RMP then SP) ... if i had another month or so before deploying i would definately do all three... only helps you stand out even further from the crowd when it comes to promotions or new jobs!
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    Cost came up quiet a bit to be honest. More around the formulas but also around the quality and risk formulas as well. You should only require 2-3 weeks of study tops IMO. Some of the questions (quite a few) actually go into the different ITTO's. One question might ask all the parts of a risk management plan or all the parts of a risk register, things not quite covered in the PMBOK so that's why you need to go to the Risk Management Standards off of the PMI website.

    SP would be nice I must admit, it sounds fairly straight forward. I might go for it next once I get the PMP out of the way. My studies are going to start back up Sunday. I'll start reading my flash cards again and may even purchase the Andy Crowe book. (Thanks for the heads up)

    I'll have two months up in St. Louis without my family so I'll be lonely but have time to focus. I may bang them both out during that time. With my new job I have a training budget that goes into effect immediately. I was going to use it for ITIL certifications, but decided on PMI certifications.
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    I have the PMP scheduled for August 1st... but I am thinking I am going to have to reschedule. I have a last minute proposal I am working on that will require a presentation on July 30th, which is in SoCal (pretty far away from me), and then the kids start school on August 1st, so that will be a hectic day, anyhow.

    If I don't get this thing knocked out, I will likely wait until next year and sit a proper class. I have just not been able to find the time to sit down and read a thing related to the PMP. It's really a shame because having the PMP and an MS would really go a long way if I were in a position of needing another job. You never really know, especially in the contracting world.
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    Funny how that thing called life gets in the way. Work comes first and believe me when I start my new job on the 13th that will come before any studies including the PMP. We will be looking for a house as well, (thankfully I know the area we are moving back to).

    Nothing wrong with rescheduling I've done it before for the CAPM and some low level certifications I possess. It happens but you'll get around to it I have no doubt. The main thing is you are moving forward so try not to beat yourself up to badly.
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    PMP application has been resubmitted. Waiting for the reply I am now currently reading the PMBOK 1 more time and then moving on to another training book most likely Crowe's. I do like Rita's cost management chapter a lot so I will read through that while waiting for my book to arrive.
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif
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    RITA's book was way better for HR and the integration piece. she went into too much detail on CM.... it was informative, but not helpful on the exam... remember which type of contract has the risk for either the buyer or seller and which are shared.....
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Cost plus fee (reimbursable) High risk for the buyer

    Fixed cost higher risk for the seller

    I'll go back through them again. I read 3 chapters last night in the PM BOK. I want to go through it one more time and then hit Rita's book. I do want to hit quality again and HR. Procurement is another one to make sure I have down.
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    Sat down with the wife this morning to discuss our finances. Things are going well, I balance my budget pretty well, always have done a decent job. We decided against spending the 400+ on the PMP. Essentially I passed over it with the RMP and in my role I am looking to direct myself to functional/operational management/business process/service management, not project management.
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