Just passed MTA windows server admin fundamentals 98-365

Hey guys,

Just passed the windows MTA server admin fundamentals exam with a 80 after failing it last month with a 67. I just used the certiport study guide and my experience with servers from my job. It was one of the more difficult MTA exams. I think im ready to tackle one of the windows MCTS exams. Just not sure which one...
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    hi there

    i am going to apply for microsoft ceti ... can anybody give pointers where can i get books ..

    MCTS- Windows Server 2008,
    Network Infrastructure
    EXAM 72-642

    Windows Server 2008, Active
    EXAM 72-640

    Windows 7, Configuring
    EXAM 72-680

    Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
    EXAM 98-365

    Windows OS Fundamentals
    EXAM 98-349

    SQL Server 2008,
    Implementation and
    EXAM 72-432

    Database Administration Fundamentals
    EXAM 98-364
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    Congrats on the pass!

    @ Kasper_341 search here as there have been numerous topics discussing preparation for most if not all of the exams you mention. Don't forget that from a prep material standpoint 70-xxx is the same as 72-xxx.
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    Congrats on your pass!
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    kasper_341 wrote: »
    hi there

    i am going to apply for microsoft ceti ... can anybody give pointers where can i get books ..

    Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
    EXAM 98-365

    I used Exam 98-365: MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals (Microsoft Official Academic Course) from Wiley. It's actually a pretty good book if you have zero experience with Windows Server.

    Check out Amazon for other MTA Wiley books.
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    I took the 98-365 and passed it. I used Measure up for the practice tests and the MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals from Wiley also.
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    Congratz on your pass!
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    congrats, I'd suggest you get the Mspress books the 2nd edition. The 2nd edition covers what changed/added between vista to 7 and 2008 to 2008 R2. Also if you can i'd suggest you get the CBT Nuggets training series they are worth it in my opinion.
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