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jmc724 wrote:
Congrats...Ok ok, last time you made 698 or jsut about, now 800+ whats the magic here you did differently...

This will sound stupid... but I swear by it.

After studying a few hours and running thru some practice tests I was ready mentally.

But the most important element to taking tests for me... is the physical/emotional state. I get exactly 8 hours of sleep, drink a pot of coffee and have cereal. Then I meditate to clear my mind. Then I drive the 45 minutes to the test center while rocking out to Alkaline Trio or Chronic future. Smoke about a half of a pack of Blend 27's.

Once I get into the test room... I convince myself that I don't give a **** about the test...

It's always worked... strange... but true. Every test I took without some type of ritual close to this... resulted in a failure or very low passing grade.



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    In response to the above post LMAO

    The funniest exam prep I ever heard. I bet it does work though and I think i might try it when I sit this exam soon

    Thanks for the advice

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    If you drink a pot of coffee, have a 45 minute drive ahead of you, and have half a pack of smokes what does this mean?

    A. you need to pee badly
    B. you have smoker's lungs
    C. your breath stinks
    D. All of the above

    The Answer is D
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