Anyone familiar with RHIT

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For a while we had quite a few people looking to get into HIMSS. I noticed this certification the other day and can't help wondering if this is more of a legitimate certification than the CompTIA health care HIT.

Thoughts? I by no means want to get this, but figured I would post it for discussion. It seems that on LinkedIN several veteran HIMSS analyst have this certification.

Just wanted to uncover some of the knowledge I discovered.



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    The one person that is RHIT at my facility is more of a medical record, health information services person. They do a lot of coding and auditing of patient charts for accuracy. That is all I really know of it and at other facilities it could be totally different.
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    I think u need to get a 2year degree from a CAHIMM credited school to be able to sit for the RHIT exam.. i was gonna enroll for a 2 year degree in HIT in our local CC but they werent CAHIMM credited..
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    Ahhhh thanks for the updates
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    I can get some specific info for you tomorrow at work, N2IT. But, from what I have seen, most of our Medical Records staff has had this certification.
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