new ccna security lab recommendations

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Hello Hello,

Since the new ccna security exam is active and there is no sdm in sight, I'm ready to crush this thing. The problem with that is any information I find on lab equipment is vague. So I was wondering if the very knowledgeable members of this forums could give me specific information on what equipment I might need to add to my lab. I'm looking for router recommendations and security appliances Ive got plenty of switches. Thank you

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    This Cisco Network Academy for CCNA-Sec recommends the following topology.

    The Academy Equipment list calls for:

    Routers to be either 1941/2901's with the IP Base (x1) and Security (x2) IOS. Flash, DRAM and serial WICs as appropriate.
    Switch(s) to be a 2960 with LAN Base IOS
    ASA to be a 5505

    You can obviously scale back the routers to 1841/2801's, or older models with varying degrees of lost functionality.

    This should give you a starting point.
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    So what you are saying you can no longer use a 2610xm and a 2950 switch for the new ccna security exam.

    And you will need a ASA5505.
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    From the looks of that topology the new ccna security looks more practical then the old sdm focused 553. Question is will all that work on gns3?
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    R-Legend wrote: »
    So what you are saying you can no longer use a 2610xm and a 2950 switch for the new ccna security exam.

    No, not at all....this is the kit that Cisco recommends you use. As I said you can substitute other equipment with what you have to hand, but that your success rate may vary.

    Example: When I did my CCNA-Voice, they used 2801's and 2550, I had 1760's and some cases I had to find work-arounds because the commands were not there in the older IOS/hardware.
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    I just wanted to say thank you for the response, I know I'm way late to my own thread but work as usual is insane. Peoples lack common sense never ceases to amaze me. but anyway thank you

    Take Care,
    Sean McCormick
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