RHCSA Starting + Lab questions

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finally i'm starting with RHCSA ! I'm really looking forward to it and that's why i want to have a good start before I get all burned out before actually getting somewhere.

I've found some really good blogs :
sys-blog.net | (Dolev : really nice guy)
Control Protocol (great summary and quick start on how to handle Micheal's Jang first 2 chapters).

Now i already talked to Dolev about how to setup a lab for this book to test everything.

Got multiple options :
  • A windows pc with VMwareworkstation 8.0 with 1 VM wich will be CentOS. This will my Host for KVM. Then on this Host I would create 3 VM's with KVM (server1, tester1, outsider1 = got it from the book).
  • just dual boot CentOS & Windows and let the CentOS be the Host for KVM
  • don't really bother with KVM that much just create 3 VM's in VMwareworkstation.
How was your lab setup ?

Thanks for taking time to read and let's hope we get a nice result out of this. I'm excited !
If there are more really good blogs from a RHCSA study view like those above, feel free to share cause sometimes you just don't stumble onto some really nice ones

Grtz !


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