Squeezed in CCIP before it expires

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Afternoon All,

Manage to pass the BGP & MPLS Composite exam on Tuesday 24th - had been studying on and off for nearly year on this one and finnaly got my act together once they annouced it was retiring.

Likely to take a break from networking untill Jan 2013 and concentrate on some Prince2 stuff until then - Although I was birefly skimming through the CCIE Fourth Edition chapters last night like a school child with a new book - unfortunately - not as colourful.

Basically used IRA, MPLS Fundamentals, CBT Nuggets, Dynamips Labs and online resources from the Academy. Found the BGP bits of the exam harder than MPLS, not sure if this due to me studying MPLS more prior to the exam than BGP.

Eager to start a CCIE blog in Jan 2013 - all the best
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