Most Expensive Linux+ Book?

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I'm all for a good, well written book/study guide...but $130?!

For those that don't know this publisher, course technology is well known for publishing books for college taught courses. I'm sure the author is/was a professor somewhere and forced all his students to buy a copy of "his" book for the course.


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    I'm sure the author is/was a professor somewhere
    "I am a dean, teacher, computing consultant, leading author in the computing industry... I have taught technology courses (networking, programming) at Trios College in Ontario for 14 years now" (c) source

    And yes, the price tag reminds me of my mandatory $130 school textbooks...

    P.S. The guy has a lo-ong list of certifications, btw, would be interesting if he turned out to be a TE member :)
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    It would be very funny if he turned out to be a TE member indeed icon_wink.gif

    I just think $130 is part of what's wrong with education today. No one should have to pay that much for a textbook, particular when books become outdated rather quickly. As a dean, teacher, and consultant how often do you think people like this update their books? I'm not picking on him personally, but just using him as an example.

    I would much rather see a $20 eBook that a student could spend another $20 to print if they wanted a hard copy. That's more in line with market standards and probably nets him just as much profit.
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    Not only most expensive, but also might compete as a book with most filler pages. Reading what is made available from this book on the "search within this book" feature, author goes on and on about the role of hardware and software in the computer, how more and more companies are switching to Linux, one wonders who is this book written for.
    Absolutely agreed that the steep price is unwarranted. You could learn more from free guides for some of the most popular Linux distros than from this guide.
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    It's also worth noting that this issue with education isn't limited to just Linux. Web developers/designers and programmers have a problem in this area too. Everything taught in the classroom is theoretical and Java based. In the real world many people don't use Java...and doing web design/development is anything but theoretical! It's no wonder that some many people come out of college these days with no real world experience and no clue how to do anything on the job.

    If someone could find a way to bring real world skills and college courses into the same play field that would be amazing...but good luck getting any university to change icon_wink.gif
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