CBT Nuggets vs Train Signal for Security+

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Back in February I passed my Network+ exam and am now on to the Security+. When prepping for the Network+ I used the CBT Nuggets series exclusively. I enjoyed Michael Shannon's series on it, but I have been reading that the Train Signal series for the Security+ is actually better. What are your opinions? I already have the CBT Nuggets for the Security+ with the 2011 updates, Darril's book, and Darril's MP3 series. Is that enough or should I get the Train Signal series instead of using the CBT Nuggets?




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    Congrats on the Network+ pass.

    I can't speak to what is better between Train Signal and CBT Nuggets, but if you have one version and you buy another version, it will take that much longer to watch those videos before you can take the exam. I'd say that reading the book, doing the practice test questions, listening to the audio, and watching the video set you have is enough for you to take and pass the Security+ exam the first time you take it.

    The exception is if you run across a topic that you don't understand. If that happens, post a question here and you'll find that there are many knowledgeable, helpful people willing to answer.

    Good luck.
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    Alright sounds good.

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    CBTnuggets is a great place for an overview of key concepts, and often times muddled information. However, watching a video series generally isn't enough. I know that for Cisco exams, you can not rely on videos alone. You need to read.

    I recommend reading. Why you ask?

    If you plan on going further with studies for certifications, or anything else that's worth doing - watching videos isn't going to be enough. You'll need to eventually sit infront of the book. The Book. Books that rival college books, Books that'll break your back if you try to fit 4 in your backpack. I know. Reading... who would've thought? :)

    No. I'm not a reader. I never really "read" at all. I skimmed, at most if I was lucky. I've never needed to study. I played video games and computer games up through college. Yeesch. Didn't need to really study at all anywhere :)

    Now I'm forced to read. I didn't like it. I hated the fact of opening thick books. I loathed it so much I procrastinated.

    In the end of the day I'm reading, it only took almost a year to "tolerate" this. It's still becoming easier. I wish I had this skill when I was in highschool :D Well.. then again I'd miss World of Warcraft PVP grinding, Counter-Strike, Lan parties, parties, anime, and women. Nah. I take it back, I'm glad I didn't! ;)

    I think the best way, take it one paragraph at a time. Slowly. Don't try to rush through it all, you'll fall asleep and drool on the keyboard with key print on your forehead. (Long story short - Rushing made me re-read 4 times a chapter.) Take it one sentence, one paragraph, one page. Keep going after that. I know it sounds stupid. It is. But it works.

    I read with the goal to read a section. Sections are short, so it's all good.
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