Any one here doing CCNA from Cisco Training Academy ?

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Hey guys , i am new to this forum and have decided to take CCNA . I am thinking to join a Cisco Training Academy for preparing for CCNA , just wanted some feedback .


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    I had access to this for free a while back via my employer. I didn't use it as my main study tool because I knew most of the study material by the time I had access, but I did spend some time going through the material. I thought the layout was good and they covered all the material well enough. Things I didn't like are the "powerpoint" feel of teaching (that just bores me, but others don't mind it). If you can take the live version of the class it would probably be more interesting, but then you have to go through each class as opposed to working on your own schedule.

    I'd say if you know nothing about networking and are really looking to break into Cisco this is probably a good choice. If you have some experience and want some practice and a quick study guide this probably isn't for you.

    Just my two cents...
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    I used to teach in the academy. I think it's a great program if you have the time since there is reinforcement, you can ask questions, can lab an take tests. Packet Tracer is awesome for what it is.

    It all depends on your circumstances. I'd take the academy over a boot camp. If I was hiring someone and it came down to two candidates, one who did a CCNA boot camp and the other Academy (of course I'm hopin he did well in the curriculum), I'd select the academy guy.
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    I like them though we didn't really use the online material that much. We mostly used textbooks and did labs, then we logged into netacad to take the exams.
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    @spiderjericho : I am CS engineering student and i do have basic knowledge about networking so will the study material and online assessment test which are i think chapterwise / module wise on netcad portal be enough to crack CCNA ?

    I have registered for the course on the Network academy and will be going to classes from tomorrow . :)
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    I just finished talking the CCNA course about a month ago and I am taking the CCNA security course right now.

    I really liked it. You can buy the book or use the online material. I read the book since for stuff like this I'm not really big on reading it only online, the material in the book and online matched up almost exactly.

    Packet Tracer has some issue, which was frustrating when doing some labs because it turned out I was doing it correctly, but PT didn't think so. Still, PT is very helpful..nothing else really like it for routers and switches. I also used GNS3.
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    Cisco Network Academy Program is awesome in my opinion especially for someone just starting out. Even up to CCNP, I think it is a great program.
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