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So we have a Ricoh printer in our office that we here in IT is NOT responsible for (thank god). Yet we happen to sit right next to this printer. We have a contract with a third party company that will come out and service the printer when necessary. Our users know this, yet when it malfunctions, they will verbally throw their frustrations in the air...without directly aiming at us. Its funny sometimes, but other times a VP will force us to attempt to service this printer. Anyone else have a "Office Space" printer in their office that you want to take a sledge hammer too?
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    Hahahahaha, we don't have a printer in my office......
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    i had a savin multi-function that gave me issues but i stopped using the software suit that came with it and gave it a static ip and printed to tcp/ip ... no more issues
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    Some days I want to take printers home and use them for target practice to put them out of their misery! icon_twisted.gif
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    I hate printers....I refuse to learn more than the minimum and call my favorite printer tech when issues arise.
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    Yep, I've got 4 networked multifunction copier machines on site that IT is not supposed to touch, outside of syncing the address book with ldap.

    IMO, network printers are right up there with licensing...
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    At one of the SMBs I was consulting for they had an older Ricoh multifunction printer that was a huge PITA. It was eventually replaced with a Canon copier. When the replacement came the company owner took the Ricoh and threw it down a flight of stairs to a concrete landing. The printer was pretty well destroyed from the trip. It was pure Office Space gold.
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    Love those 5i HP printers circa 1993. Doesn't even have DHCP settings just BOOTP.
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    When i worked for USDA we had one of these. Because we got extra funding for a new one, they had me break it into pieces like the office space movie. It was the best day at work ever. They got me abig sledge hammer and what not. It worked perfectly except for the fact that the lcd touch pad half of it didnt work... i told them to donate it, but since we had ssn's scanned we broke it to pieces and threw it away.
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    Yup we have two problem children Ricohs and thankfully we are not responsible for them either. The one in the basement, the only answer the company can give us is that the floor isn't level and that is the problem.
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    Actually, yes. They are Ricoh printers. They are serviced by Ricoh. Users here act much the same way.

    So youre not the only one :)
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