Degree Decision.....opinions

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Hello people,

I have an important questions. I'm still currently in the military so I'm working hard on my degree which I'm just starting. Before I go into deep I need help deciding on the official degree plan.

the school is American Military University (can't go to WGU until I get a cert). link: AMU Bachelors Programs

Should I do Information Systems Security concentration options are General, Cloud Computing, Application Security, Enterprise Security. Or should I do Information Technology concentration options are General, E Commence, .Net, Mobile Computing.

I know you guys are going to tell me I should go with whatever I want to focus in. I'm not an IT guy yet still learning the basics but need to work on the degree before I get out. And I'm leaning towards networking.

I was told Information Systems Security has a higher job security since our country can't outsource them like they do IT Jobs.

And I was told that the pay was better. I don't know this its all hearsay so I'm here for advice. So please with your knowledge and experience please advice. Feel free to check out the link to the school and let me know what you think of the degree plans.

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