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Hello Everyone, I've just started studying towards CCNA. Got a few Switches and Routers. My question is What OS do you recommend for my CCNA studies? I'm doing everything on my Laptop (ThinkPad Edge Core i3 8GB RAM) I have a Server as well and planing to install FreeBSD on it and then connect it to one of the Cisco switches.

I know that GNS3 runs on Linux as well. But not sure about Packet Tracer. So should I stay on Windows or make the move to Linux?

Thanks Guys


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    Doesn't matter to be honest. Stuff like packet tracer works just fine in Linux using Wine. I'd suggest sticking to the OS you are familiar with.

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    Thanks Nate, Is there any advantages (Career wise) having Linux knowledge with CCNA over Windows with (CCNA)?
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    As the focus should be on IOS for the CCNA how you access it doesn't really matter. You should use what you are familiar and comfortable with to make your study as simple as possible. If you spend too much messing with linux to get things working in PT or GNS when everything works great in windows, then linux would be kinda counter-productive.
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    there has been talk that GNS3 is faster on the linux platform. However, I haven't tested this theory.
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    Thanks for your responses

    Well one special reason I wanted to move is to use my PC as Access Server on Linux using ser2net but can't find a Windows version, do you guys know any alternative that I can use on windows to use it as Access Server?
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