Call Manager 8.6 lab next to production environment.

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Just received access to CUCM 8.6 and have the opportunity to install it on our test virtual environment. I do not want to interfere with our production environment. I have not setup a test environment before.

- I am installing on a separate VLAN than our prod.
- Can ping across VLANs, but separate DHCP scope option 150s.
- No voice VLAN configured in test environment
- All phones plugged into prod voice VLANs

I worry about phones attempting to register with test environment, but have been told that it will not as long as they are plugged into separate VLANs. Any thoughts on if phones would try to register with test environment?


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    Think you should be OK as long as your prod phones aren't pointing to the test CUCM 8.6 (the option 150's). We're actually bringing up CUCM 8.6 as well for the same purposes.
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    You will be fine as long as you don't point the phones to that new CUCM server. Also they prob wouldn't be able to register anyway unless they did a factory reset to clear out the CTL files. 8.6 is a nice upgrade over 8.0 which was a disaster
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