Anyone have experience with Netcomlearning

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Do anyone have any experience with Netcomlearning i.e Computer Training & IT Certification | Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, AutoCAD, PMP & Soft Skills | NY, NV & VA - NetCom Learning which offers bootcamps and training courses covered by the G.I Bill (room/plane ticket) all covered. I know you guys are going to say save the G.I bill for a Master Degree but the G.I Bill gives me 36 months of paid education. When I get out my BS will be completed. I have a wife and 3 kids to worry about so if I can knock out some certs before I get out I'm okay using a month or two off the Bil to get some certs.

So since my issues are out of the way, anyone have any experience with this group. I've read a few offsite reviews and they are overall very good. I've also spoke with an adviser today about it for the scheduling etc it all sounds good.

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