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This came out from general talk with a friend, I want to eventually do a degree in IT and my friend was saying that it is possible to be exempted from doing the full 3years required for a degree if you have good MS certs. So I am wondering if in the UK you will be able to use the MSCE as part of your certification path?

I have seen an Australian University offerring entry to a Masters Program using Microsoft qualifications but I wanted to remain in the UK or maybe at least Europe.

Does anyone have more information on this or has anyone enquired about it?


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    I know for Open University (UK distance learning university) CCNA gives 60 credits off a 360 credit honours degree. MSCE would signify a greater knowledge understanding than CCNA, it would be equal to the CCNP probably. It depends on the university, but to find out you would have to contact that university (email the department head/secretary) and enquire as to how much prior learning credits you would get off their IT degree for the certificates you have. Most universities will only allow you to gain only so many credits from prior learning, but it could be up to a year in most cases I reckon.
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    Thanks Xbuzz. I will enquire, I just thought knowing will encourage me to finish my MCSE.
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    I'm not 100% sure the MCSE would count for credits, but my best guess is that it would. I've only looked into CCNA for credits because thats the cert I have, but i'm doing my MCITP:SA at the moment also, so if you get an answer from a university would be good to know if that also gives credits. :)
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