Extend cable via RJ45 w/VGA splitter

gunbunnysouljagunbunnysoulja Member Posts: 353
Hey guys. So I'm working on an install, and I need to extend an IR Emitter cable (Crestron) with twisted pair. One end goes to phoenix connectors on the Crestron, the other end goes over the IR on the TV. The cables gets spliced in the middle for extension with twisted pair.

The problem is the plate I custom ordered doesn't have enough RJ45 ports. It does however have a spare VGA. I saw this but didn't know if it would work for this usage:

Black VGA Extender to RJ45 Adapter | Overstock.com

It's a VGA extender, so ideally I would connect a VGA splitter and use both adapters with RJ45. I would assume 1 would work fine. It's when 2 are thrown in the mix being passed over a single VGA is when I don't know.

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